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Mark Hopkins Money Quote saying we all need more satisfactions than we get from money, nature or personal relations. Mark Hopkins said:
Man has wants deeper than can be supplied by wealth or nature or domestic affections Quote

“Man has wants deeper than can be supplied by wealth or nature or domestic affections” — Mark Hopkins


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In this quote, Mark Hopkins seems to be making an observation about human nature and the limits of material or emotional fulfillment. Specifically:

  • Hopkins notes that humans have intrinsic “wants” or desires that go deeper than what can be satisfied by accumulating wealth, enjoying nature, or experiencing familial love/relationships.
  • He appears to be suggesting that while those things fulfill important needs, they do not fully address deeper existential questions, longings for meaning/purpose, or spiritual cravings within human psychology.
  • Hopkins’ view is that money, pleasure, relationships and other earthly sources can only fulfill people to a point, but not touch certain inner yearnings they intrinsically possess.

The best interpretation is that Hopkins believed the human experience and search for fulfillment extends beyond what surface-level gains in life can provide alone, according to a perspective that people intrinsically possess needs no external source can completely meet.

His quote conveys the view that while worldly comforts satisfy aspects of our nature, they do not fulfill us completely.

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