Mario Puzo on Friendship & Money

Posted by admin on Monday, January 27, 2014

Meaning of Mario Puzo Money Quote: saying friends and finances don’t mix (like Oil & Water) and the cash can separate you from the friends. Mario Puzo said:
Friendship and money: oil and water Quote

“Friendship and money: oil and water” — Mario Puzo


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This quote from Mario Puzo suggests that friendship and money do not mix well together and tend to be incompatible.

The best interpretation is that Puzo believed viewing relationships primarily through a financial lens or allowing money to come between people easily corrodes the bonds of trust and goodwill that define true friendship.

According to Puzo, just as oil and water do not combine, the priorities of profit and personal gain do not harmonize with the priorities of loyalty, empathy and care that form the foundation of close interpersonal relationships.

The implication seems to be that Puzo saw money as having the potential to divide friends and compromise the sincerity of how they regard each other if it becomes a dominant factor shaping dynamics between them.

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