Marie Cornelio: Joy Can’t Be Bought

Posted by admin on Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Meaning of Marie Cornelio Money Quote: saying joy can’t be bought, just as happiness is not something you cannot buy. Marie Cornelio said:

True joy cannot be bought with money or found in lavish things. It's a feeling deep within the heart Quote

“True joy cannot be bought with money or found in lavish things. It’s a feeling deep within the heart” — Marie Cornelio


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Marie Cornelio seems to be saying that genuine joy or happiness cannot be purchased or found in expensive material possessions and luxuries alone. True joy is an internal feeling that comes from deeper within one’s heart or soul, rather than from external wealth or lavish spending.

While money and possessions may bring temporary pleasure or satisfaction, they cannot provide lasting joy or fulfillment. According to Cornelio, the richest source of joy is an inner contentment and appreciation for life that is not dependent on wealth or lavish things.

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