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Maria Augusta Trapp Money Quote saying in her book ‘The Story of the Trapp Family Singers’ that her perception of poverty is not applicable to her family just because they lacked money. Maria Augusta Trapp said:
We are not poor. We just don't have any money! Quote

“We are not poor. We just don’t have any money!’ — Maria Augusta Trapp


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In this quote, Maria Augusta Trapp, whose family story inspired “The Sound of Music,” seems to be making a philosophical distinction between poverty and lack of money. Though her family may have had few material possessions or cash at the time she said this, Trapp implies they did not consider themselves truly poor. She suggests true poverty is a condition of the spirit or soul, not defined by monetary wealth alone.

By saying “We just don’t have any money,” Trapp conveys that despite their financial circumstances, her family still felt rich in other ways – through close relationships, appreciation of nature, spiritual fulfillment, and so on. Overall, the quote reflects Trapp’s perspective that lacking funds does not necessarily equate to being poor in the deepest sense, as inner wealth and community can compensate where money is scarce.

Birthday January 26, 1905 – Died March 28, 1987

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