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Posted by admin on Saturday, May 18, 2019

Margot Fonteyn Money Quote saying growing old can deplete both friends and money, so best to die young, rather than old. Margot Fonteyn said:
I have never wanted to live to be old, so old I'd run out of friends or money Quote

“I have never wanted to live to be old, so old I’d run out of friends or money” — Margot Fonteyn


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In this quote, Margot Fonteyn is expressing her view that she does not want to live to such an old age that she loses connections to others and runs out of financial resources. She seems to be saying that her hope is not to survive to a point of isolation, whether socially through losing friends, or practically through depleting her funds.

The quote conveys Fonteyn’s sentiment that extreme old age could potentially lead to a lack of social support networks and economic independence, which she wishes to avoid. Overall, she is communicating her preference not to live long enough to experience loneliness or poverty due to old age severely limiting her relationships and means.

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