Margaret Atwood: Unearned Income

Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Meaning of Margaret Atwood Money Quote: saying Self-Pitying People may feel harmed by an unearned income. Margaret Atwood said:
An unearned income encourages self-pity in those already prone to it Quote

“An unearned income encourages self-pity in those already prone to it” — Margaret Atwood


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Margaret Atwood seems to be commenting on how receiving an income without having to work for it can foster or exacerbate feelings of self-pity in people who are already inclined in that direction.

Her view appears to be that an unearned passive income from sources like inheritance, investments or rent lacks the psychological benefits of earning money through one’s own effort and productivity.

Atwood suggests this type of unmerited financial support enables and potentially worsens tendencies toward self-pity in those predisposed to dwell on difficulties in their lives rather than their advantages.

Overall, the quote conveys her belief that an unearned livelihood encourages and feeds a victim mentality in individuals already prone to feel sorry for themselves.

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