Margaret Atwood: Time Bankrupt

Posted by admin on Saturday, March 11, 2023

Meaning of Margaret Atwood Money Quote: saying making clear the value of time, which can’t be purchased. Being gifted with extra time is a blessing. Margaret Atwood said:

bankrupt idea, stuffed to the brim with hours and minutes that he can spend like money Quote

“He has to find more and better ways of occupying his time. His time, what a bankrupt idea, as if he’s been given a box of time belonging to him alone, stuffed to the brim with hours and minutes that he can spend like money. Trouble is, the box has holes in it and the time is running out, no matter what he does with it” — Margaret Atwood


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The quote from Margaret Atwood highlights the idea that time is a precious and limited resource. She suggests that the traditional notion of time as something that can be spent like money is misguided, as time is not something that can be replaced or replenished once it’s gone.

Instead, the speaker emphasizes the importance of finding meaningful ways to occupy one’s time, as the box of time we are given is limited and will eventually run out.

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