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Meaning of Margaret Atwood Money Quote: saying in Heaven, there is no debt and accounts are paid up – but hell is a place where all owe endlessly. Margaret Atwood said:

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“In Heaven, there are no debts – all have been paid, one way or another – but in Hell there’s nothing but debts, and a great deal of payment is exacted, though you can’t ever get all paid up. You have to pay, and pay, and keep on paying. So Hell is like an infernal maxed-out credit card that multiplies the charges endlessly” — Margaret Atwood


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Margaret Atwood appears to be drawing a comparison between the concepts of debt in life and the afterlife. She suggests that in Heaven, all debts are settled and obligations resolved, while in Hell one is endlessly mired in debt obligations that continually accumulate without the means or hope of ever being fully repaid.

Atwood likens this perpetual cycle of mounting debt in Hell to an infernal credit card that is maxed out, continuously multiplying the amount owed. Her view seems to be that debt represents a kind of bondage or torment, and she uses this metaphor to convey her idea that being trapped in endless, inescapable debt would constitute a type of ongoing punishment akin to the suffering of Hell.

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