Marcus Tullius Cicero on Buying Destruction

Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Marcus Tullius Cicero Money Quotation saying if warriors cannot penetrate battle fortified protections, certainly money will do the job. Marcus Tullius Cicero said:
Nothing is so strongly fortified that it cannot be taken by money Quote

“There is no sanctuary so holy that money cannot profane it, no fortress so strong that money cannot take it by storm” — Marcus Tullius Cicero


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In this quote, Marcus Tullius Cicero is conveying that money possesses a corrupting power that can undermine even the most sacred institutions or seemingly impregnable structures. By stating “no sanctuary so holy that money cannot profane it”, Cicero suggests that financial gain could taint even the most revered religious or ethical places and principles.

And in saying “no fortress so strong that money cannot take it by storm”, he implies wealth is so influential that it can overwhelm any organization or system, no matter how secure or well-defended. Overall, Cicero seems to be arguing that the pursuit or accumulation of riches can compromise integrity and breach even the most principled of defenses, if enough money is involved.

The quote portrays money as having a corrosive effect on norms and an irresistible force that can undermine the strongest of institutions through the power of financial temptation and reward.

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