Marcus Aurelius: Poverty is Mother of Crime

Posted by admin on Friday, May 18, 2018

Marcus Aurelius Money Quote saying when poverty prevents basic necessities, it inevitably births crime to meet those necessities. Marcus Aurelius said:
Poverty is the mother of crime Quote

“Poverty is the mother of crime” — Marcus Aurelius


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In this quote, the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius expresses the idea that poverty is a primary cause of criminal behavior. He suggests that when people lack basic necessities or opportunities due to poverty, it can sometimes drive them to commit crimes in order to meet their needs or that of their families.

Aurelius implies that poverty places people in desperate circumstances where crime may seem like one of the only or best options available. The quote conveys that poverty, or the lack of access to sufficient resources, is a major contributing factor to why some resort to lives of crime. It portrays poverty as a societal ill that breeds the “mother” or root cause of other problems in society like increased crime rates.

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