Marc Benioff: Speed is Currency of Business

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Marc Benioff Money Quotation saying at World Economic Forum #WEF16 event in #Davos that being able to move quickly to catch the wave of market forces is more valuable than cash. Marc Benioff said:
Speed is the new currency of business Quote

“Speed is the new currency of business” — Marc Benioff


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In this quote, Marc Benioff seems to be suggesting that in today’s business environment, the speed at which companies operate and deliver value to customers has become critically important. Where business models and customer expectations were once stable for longer periods of time, digital technologies and platforms have accelerated the pace of change.

Customers now demand immediate access to information, products and services. Companies that can move and adapt quickly to new opportunities, needs and competitive threats are better positioned for success.

The ability to work, innovate, launch products and solve problems at a rapid pace has essentially become a new currency – a valuable asset that businesses must cultivate to remain competitive. So “speed” in this context refers to both agility and velocity of response as key factors in determining a company’s effectiveness and longevity in today’s digital age.

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