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Posted by admin on Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mahalia Jackson Money Quotation saying a personal fortune or control of substantial capital will attract those interested in feeding on the spoils of any income. Mahalia Jackson said:
Money just draws flies Quote

“Money just draws flies” — Mahalia Jackson


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In this quote, Mahalia Jackson is suggesting that having or displaying a lot of money tends to attract unwanted attention rather than genuine connections. The quote implies that wealth draws opportunists and insincere people (“flies”) more so than meaningful relationships.

Jackson appears to be expressing skepticism about money’s ability to buy true friendship or goodwill, as displaying abundance may provoke envy, greed or ulterior motives in others rather than admiration.

Overall, the quote conveys the view that money does not necessarily lead to positive interactions and can stir up undesirable behavior from some who are attracted primarily to financial status or gain.

Birthday: October 26, 1911 – Death: January 27, 1972

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