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Posted by admin on Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Madeleine Albright Money Quote saying making women’s equality important to American economic empowerment. Madeleine Albright said:
societies are more stable if women are politically and economically empowered Quote

“The reason I made women’s issues central to American foreign policy, was not because I was a feminist, but because we know that societies are more stable if women are politically and economically empowered” — Madeleine Albright


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In this quote, Madeleine Albright explains why she prioritized women’s issues in American foreign policy during her tenure as Secretary of State. She states it was not due to her personal identity as a feminist, but rather because experience shows “societies are more stable” when women have political and economic rights and opportunities on equal terms with men.

By emphasizing programs and policies that advance women’s empowerment internationally, Albright believed it would help create conditions of greater social stability in other nations. Her rationale was based on a pragmatic understanding that gender equality and women’s full participation in public life strengthen a country, not just an ideological belief in feminism.

Overall, the quote conveys Albright’s view that promoting women’s empowerment globally serves important strategic interests in addition to humanitarian goals.

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