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Posted by admin on Monday, March 14, 2016

Louis L’Amour Money Quote saying we’ve created a machine to manufacture graduates to fill jobs, but educators are not valued. Louis L’Amour said:
Teachers who instruct the future citizens of our country are miserably paid Quote

“We have concentrated tremendous sums of money on the educational plant, seemingly with the idea that the right number of buildings will turn out the right number of graduates. Yet the teachers who actually instruct the future citizens of our country are more often than not miserably paid” — Louis L’Amour


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Louis L’Amour is criticizing a misplaced focus on educational infrastructure over the human element of teaching. While vast sums are spent constructing school buildings, he notes that teachers themselves – the individuals directly shaping young minds – are often paid very little for their important work.

L’Amour’s point seems to be that simply having the right facilities means nothing if the quality of instruction is compromised by underpaying educators. He implies that properly valuing teachers through adequate compensation is as important, if not more so, than the physical plant for ensuring a high-caliber education system.

Overall, L’Amour is arguing more attention and funding should go toward supporting teachers themselves, the living foundation on which any educational system is built.

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