Lord Bramwell: Taxes are Like Mothers

Posted by admin on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lord Bramwell Money Quotation saying we can no more forget our taxes than forget our own mother, but can be confused by them both. Lord Bramwell said:
Like mothers, taxes are often misunderstood, but seldom forgotten Quote

“Like mothers, taxes are often misunderstood, but seldom forgotten” — Lord Bramwell


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This quote from Lord Bramwell is drawing a comparison between mothers and taxes. Specifically, it suggests that just as mothers are often misunderstood by their children, taxes too can be misunderstood by citizens who are required to pay them.

However, the quote notes that despite sometimes being misunderstood, both mothers and taxes tend to make a lasting impression and are not easily forgotten. So in summary, Lord Bramwell is using this analogy to highlight how taxes, though complex and not always agreed with, still leave a notable mark through their requirement of payment, much in the same way that a mother’s role commonly does.

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