Ljupka Cvetanova: Loved me for my Wealth

Posted by admin on Thursday, November 1, 2018

Ljupka Cvetanova Money Quote saying when someone loves another for their money, more love is due when they are wealthier. Ljupka Cvetanova said:
Ljupka Cvetanova Quote

“If I knew he loved me for my wealth, I would have told him I was richer” — Ljupka Cvetanova


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This quote suggests that true love should not be based on material wealth or what one can gain from a partner’s riches. The speaker is implying that if she knew the object of her affection was only interested in her wealth, she would have pretended to be even richer in order to test the sincerity and purity of his feelings.

The “best” interpretation is that the quote values love for inner qualities rather than external possessions or status. It promotes choosing a partner based on genuine emotional connection rather than superficial or opportunistic motives related to money and social standing.


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