Ljupka Cvetanova: Cheap Love Has a Price

Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ljupka Cvetanova Money Quote saying any love that is sold or can be bought is cheap. Ljupka Cvetanova said:
Cheap is the love that has a price Quote

“Cheap is the love that has a price” — Ljupka Cvetanova


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Ljupka Cvetanova is saying that love that is conditional upon receiving something in return, such as money or gifts, is not truly love but rather a cheap imitation. Her quote suggests that real, meaningful love is priceless and cannot be quantified or purchased – it should be freely given without expecting anything in exchange.

By describing love with a price as being “cheap”, Cvetanova is implying that love loses its value and authenticity when it is given with strings attached or dependent on receiving compensation. She sees unconditional, selfless love that asks for nothing in return as the only kind of love with profound worth.

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