Livy: Loss of Money Stings

Posted by admin on Sunday, February 6, 2022

Livy Money Quote saying very little hurts as much as losing money. Livy said:
Nothing stings us so bitterly as the loss of money Quote

Nothing stings us so bitterly as the loss of money” — Livy


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In this quote, Livy seems to be making an observation about human nature and priorities. The best interpretation is:

  • Livy states that among various misfortunes or losses one could experience, parting with money tends to sting or upset people more bitterly than other setbacks.
  • He implies that for most individuals, financial losses tend to provoke stronger negative emotions than losing or being deprived of other possessions or advantages.
  • Livy appears to believe that money plays a uniquely psychologically powerful role, such that wasting or forfeiting wealth elicits more intense feelings of regret, disappointment or anger than other types of losses.

Overall, the quote conveys Livy’s perspective that among various hardships, monetary setbacks seem to cut or sting people in a particularly acute way emotionally. From his view, money holds a special place in how bitterly its depletion is felt according to human psychology.

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