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Posted by admin on Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Liberace Money Quote saying that at the same time, one can love to be frugal and be known for being extravagant shopping in Beverly Hills and less ritzy stores. Liberace said:
I guess like most people I'm a bargain-hunter. I love a bargain. I found out there's two prices on everything. There's the Rodeo Drive price and there's the same merchandise down the street Quote

“I guess like most people I’m a bargain-hunter. I love a bargain. I found out there’s two prices on everything. There’s the Rodeo Drive price and there’s the same merchandise down the street” — Liberace


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Liberace is saying that there are often two different prices for the same item depending on where you shop. He refers to “Rodeo Drive price” which would be the expensive price charged by high-end retailers on an upscale street like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Meanwhile, “down the street” implies a more ordinary shopping area where the same merchandise may be sold, but at a lower, more affordable price. In essence, Liberace is noting that bargains can be found with savvy shopping, as the same products are not always priced the same at different stores.

He seems to enjoy finding the better deal, as many shoppers aim to do.

Birthday: May 16, 1919 – Death: February 4, 1987

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