Leroy Hood: Low Profit Healthcare

Posted by admin on Friday, January 12, 2024

Meaning of Leroy Hood Money Quote: Suggesting that the U.S. Healthcare system is geared toward making money, rather than keeping people healthy long term. Leroy Hood said:

Under the current healthcare system, wellness isn’t profitable Quote

“Under the current healthcare system, wellness isn’t profitable” — Leroy Hood


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This quote from scientist Leroy Hood suggests that within the existing healthcare system, focusing on preventative care and promoting overall wellness is not as financially lucrative as treating sickness and disease. The implication is that there are fewer opportunities for profit when people are healthy, as compared to when they require ongoing or expensive medical treatment for illnesses.

His point seems to be that for the healthcare industry as a whole, it is more economically advantageous to emphasize prevention and long term wellness over cures. This critique calls for restructuring incentives to make wellness and prevention equally or more profitable than the status quo which favors sickness.

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