Laura Ingalls Wilder: Betting Money

Posted by admin on Sunday, March 19, 2023

Meaning of Laura Ingalls Wilder Money Quote: saying don’t wager your money on someone else’s game. Laura Ingalls Wilder said:

Never bet your money on another man's game Quote

“Never bet your money on another man’s game” — Laura Ingalls Wilder


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This quote from Laura Ingalls Wilder suggests taking a cautious approach to ventures or investments where others dictate the terms or control key decisions. Some key points in interpreting her perspective:

  • Wilder implies that betting financial resources on “another man’s game” over which one has little say involves unnecessary risks.
  • She portrays retaining autonomy and agency over how money is utilized as prudent, rather than relying on outcomes determined by others’ actions alone.
  • Wilder’s perspective conveys the viewpoint that directly managing one’s resources according to one’s own judgment provides greater security than passive participation in undertakings run by third parties.
  • However, reasonable people can disagree on where to draw lines around collaborative versus independent endeavors, as partnerships and diversification also have benefits when all parties act with integrity and transparency.

Overall, the quote reflects Wilder’s belief in self-determination over finances. But the best interpretation considers this as one perspective, and recognizes that responsible stewardship, clear communication and mutual understanding between all help optimize prosperity through a diversity of balanced, sustainable approaches according to personal philosophy and trust between parties over the lifespan.

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