Lady Gaga: Money Can Run Out

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 28, 2019

Lady Gaga Money Quote saying if you have talent of any sort, it will outlast everything, including money. Lady Gaga said:
Money can run out but the talent is forever Quote

“Money can run out but the talent is forever” — Lady Gaga

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In this quote, Lady Gaga is contrasting money and talent. The key points are:

  • She notes that money, while important, is a finite resource that “can run out” over time as it is spent.
  • However, talent in one’s chosen field or craft (whether music, art, etc.) has the potential to last indefinitely if the talent is developed and skills honed.
  • Gaga seems to be implying that true, lasting success comes from continually investing in and improving one’s innate abilities, not just short-term financial gains.
  • As long as one nurtures and applies their talent, it can theoretically generate rewards for much longer than any monetary wealth.

In essence, Lady Gaga is advising people to place greater importance on cultivating their talents than chasing money alone, as talent has the power to sustain someone’s career and opportunities far beyond any money that may come and go over time. The talent is the enduring asset.

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