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Posted by admin on Monday, December 31, 2018

Kora-lea Vidal Money Quote saying when we have money it can blind us to what wealth we really possess. Kora-lea Vidal said:
When you don't have money you sooner realize what you do have Quote

“When you don’t have money you sooner realize what you do have” — Kora-lea Vidal


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In this quote, Kora-lea Vidal seems to be conveying that a lack of money can paradoxically make one appreciate what they do have even more. Some key points:

  • When experiencing financial scarcity or poverty, one’s thoughts tend to focus more on necessities and what resources are unavailable rather than unaffordable luxuries.
  • However, Vidal suggests this also brings greater awareness, gratitude and focus on the non-monetary blessings still present like family, health, community support, nature, creativity, spirituality and simple pleasures.
  • She implies that struggling with lack of funds ironically makes one recognize more clearly the value of priceless things in life that require no money.

Overall, the quote reflects Vidal’s perspective that monetary hardship, while difficult, can have the inadvertent benefit of cultivating appreciation for life’s free or low-cost riches that may be taken for granted by those who never face severe financial constraints.

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