Kora-Lea Vidal: True to Passion Not Paper

Posted by admin on Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kora-lea Vidal Money Quote saying focus on what feeds your soul, rather than increasing your wealth. Kora-lea Vidal said:
Stay true to your passion, not your paper Quote

“Stay true to your passion, not your paper” — Kora-lea Vidal


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In this quote, Kora-Lea Vidal is advising people to remain loyal to their interests, talents and motivations (“passion”) rather than external factors like money or social expectations (“paper”).

The “paper” likely refers to documents like contracts, schedules or credentials that can dictate one’s actions but not necessarily fulfill them inwardly. By saying to “stay true to your passion, not your paper”, Vidal suggests letting inner drive and purpose guide decisions over adhering strictly to rules, routines or monetary rewards.

The interpretation is that the quote promotes following one’s heart rather than being controlled by paperwork or other people’s agendas. The overall message conveyed is that happiness and success come from engaging deeply in what one truly cares about and finds meaningful.

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