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Posted by admin on Sunday, December 30, 2018

Kora-lea Vidal Money Quote saying in poetry what we need to free us to consider seeing finances differently. Kora-lea Vidal said:
Humanity is so lost because everything has a cost Quote

“Humanity is so lost because everything has a cost” — Kora-lea Vidal


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In this quote, Kora-lea Vidal seems to be making a commentary on modern society and the human condition. Some key points:

  • She states that humanity overall feels “lost”, implying people lack a sense of meaning, purpose or direction collectively.
  • Vidal attributes this to the fact that in today’s world, “everything has a cost” – whether that cost is monetary, time-based, physical, emotional, etc.
  • When life and even basic needs can be reduced to a dollar figure or require a trade-off or sacrifice, it can diminish people’s sense of higher purpose or intrinsic rewards.
  • She suggests this perpetual need to assign a cost or price to all things, experiences and relationships has had a detrimental effect on humanity feeling spiritually “lost”.

Overall, the quote conveys Vidal’s view that widespread commercialization and commodification has disconnected people from deeper fulfillment by forcing all things – even non-material ones – into a framework of costs and trade-offs, leaving humanity searching for answers outside of financial systems.


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