Kora-Lea Vidal: Life Make You a Living

Posted by admin on Monday, January 22, 2018

Kora-Lea Vidal Money Quote saying live your life in a way that allows life to support you financially by serving your best self. Kora-Lea Vidal said:
Make making your life make you a living Quote

Make making your life make you a living” — Kora-Lea Vidal


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In this quote, Kora-Lea Vidal seems to be encouraging people to design their lifestyle and livelihood in a way that brings them fulfillment and purpose rather than just a paycheck. By saying to “make making your life make you a living”, Vidal suggests finding a way to derive your income from pursuing your passions, interests and talents so that your career aligns with and enhances your life experience.

The interpretation is that the quote promotes the idea of configuring how you earn a living in a manner that allows you to deeply engage in the things that give your existence greatest meaning, so your work and life goals are well integrated rather than separate. The overall message conveyed is to take an active role in shaping your career path to harmonize with living life to the fullest.

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