Kora-Lea Vidal: Attach a Time Price Tag

Posted by admin on Saturday, March 31, 2018

Kora-Lea Vidal Money Quote saying it’s depressing that we must assign a price to our time rather than spending it freely. Kora-Lea Vidal said:
Sad thing about our Time is attach a price tag to it Quote

“The sad thing abut our time is that we have to attach a price tag to it” — Kora-Lea Vidal


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Kora-Lea Vidal is lamenting that in modern society, time itself has become commodified and monetized to the point where people feel they need to assign a dollar value to their own time. She suggests it is unfortunate that we now live in an era where time must have a “price tag” attached in order to determine its worth.

Vidal seems to be criticizing how everything has become quantified in economic terms, including something as intrinsic as personal time. Her quote implies there is value in time that cannot be adequately measured by money alone and that this need to monetize time takes away from its less tangible importance to things like relationships, experiences and well-being.

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