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Posted by admin on Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kofi Annan Money Quote saying in 1997 as Secretary General of the U.N. that government money spent on education is the purest form of national defense. Kofi Annan said:
Education is one of the most effective forms of defense spending there is Quote

“Defence is a constant preoccupation and a leading item of government expense, and understandably so. But I would submit today that education is one of the most effective forms of defence spending there is” — Kofi Annan


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Kofi Annan is suggesting that investing in education can be as important for a nation’s security and prosperity as spending on traditional defense measures like armed forces and military equipment. He acknowledges that protecting a country through defense spending is understandably a top priority for governments.

However, Annan argues that education should also be viewed as a type of strategic investment that strengthens a society in invaluable ways. By educating its citizens, a country cultivates an informed, skilled and innovative population that can solve problems, drive economic growth and effectively address challenges – all of which enhance national stability and global standing.

Annan’s view is that education plays a vital role in a nation’s ability to thrive and should therefore be considered a form of “defense spending” that secures a country’s long-term interests and well-being.

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