Kin Hubbard on Hard Work of Marriage

Posted by admin on Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kin Hubbard Money Quotation saying protecting their stake is more difficult work than earning their way for the man who marries into his money. Kin Hubbard said:
Nobody works as hard for his money as the man who marries it Quote

“Nobody works as hard for his money as the man who marries it” — Kin Hubbard


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In this quote, Kin Hubbard is poking fun at men who marry wealthy women for their money. The quote suggests that while such men may not be employed, they work very hard to keep their rich wives happy so that they can continue enjoying the financial benefits of the marriage.

By “marrying money”, these men have essentially taken on the job of maintaining a happy marriage to their wealthy spouse.

Thus, Hubbard humorously argues that no one works as diligently for their money as these men do, even though they are not formally employed, since their livelihood depends on retaining their wife’s financial support through the marriage.

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