Kim Dotcom: Markets Fueled by Fantasy

Posted by admin on Friday, July 10, 2015

Kim Dotcom Money Quotation saying fiat currency fuels stock markets by mutual fantasy and no reality. Kim Dotcom said:
Kim Dotcom Markets are a fragile fantasy fueled by printed money that isn't linked to real value quote

“Markets are a fragile fantasy fueled by printed money that isn’t linked to real value” — Kim Dotcom


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In this quote, internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is expressing a skeptical view of financial markets and modern monetary systems. His perspective seems to be that markets are vulnerable structures based more on perception and confidence than tangible assets, since they are “fueled” to a large degree by money created through central bank policies rather than commodity backing.

Dotcom implies this money lacks “real value” and is ultimately a social construct vulnerable to shifts in sentiment. His view appears to be that markets exist in a precarious state maintained by collective belief in a currency “fantasy” detached from material wealth.

The quote conveys Dotcom’s belief that current financial arrangements are not as concretely grounded or stable as commonly assumed, and are dependent on perceptions remaining positive among those participating in the “fragile fantasy” of market valuation and currency trust.

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