Kevin O’Leary: Happiness Buy Money?

Posted by admin on Monday, November 7, 2016

Kevin O’Leary Money Quote saying to an entrepreneur named Cash, that no matter how much you love your workhappiness can’t buy money. Kevin O’Leary said:
I love your name Cash. Unfortunately I've learned that happiness can't buy money Quote

“I love your name Cash. Unfortunately I’ve learned that happiness can’t buy money” — Kevin O’Leary


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In this quote, Kevin O’Leary seems to be playfully mixing up the phrases “money can’t buy happiness” and “happiness can’t buy money.” He’s addressing someone named Cash, saying he likes their name because it relates to money, but then jokingly states he’s learned “happiness can’t buy money,” which doesn’t make logical sense since money is what buys things.

This appears to be O’Leary using humor and wordplay by intentionally reversing the well-known idiom about the limits of wealth. The quote suggests O’Leary enjoys employing witty one-liners, even if they don’t stand up to close scrutiny, to lightheartedly make an ironic point about the relationship between finances and life satisfaction.

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