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Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Kevin O’Leary Money Quote saying The quarantine has restricted access to capital by startup companies, so crowdfunding is filling the void. Kevin O’Leary said:
small businesses are having an incredibly hard time accessing capital, increase in interest in crowdfunding companies solving that problem Quote

“With the coronavirus pandemic causing economic uncertainty, startups and small businesses are having an incredibly hard time accessing capital, so you’re going to see a material increase in interest in crowdfunding companies like StartEngine that are solving that problem” — Kevin O’Leary


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In this quote, Kevin O’Leary is commenting on how the economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have made it much more difficult for startups and small businesses to obtain traditional sources of funding like loans or venture capital investments. He notes that this capital crunch is driving greater interest in crowdfunding platforms like StartEngine that can help fill the financing gap.

O’Leary appears to be acknowledging that crowdfunding provides an alternative for new companies to access working funds when conventional avenues are constrained due to market uncertainty. The quote conveys O’Leary’s view that the pandemic has accelerated the need for crowdfunding solutions to inject money into small businesses that are struggling to obtain capital through usual channels according to this interpretation.

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