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Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Kenneth Branaugh Money Quote saying adults may seem as though they are no longer children, but it could be the money that makes the distinction. Kenneth Branaugh said:
Adults are just children who earn money Quote

“Adults are just children who earn money” — Kenneth Branaugh


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Kenneth Branaugh seems to be suggesting that adults are not fundamentally different from children in their nature and behaviors, but are simply children who have grown older and taken on responsibilities like earning a living.

His point could be that adults still possess many of the same emotional and psychological traits they had as children, such as curiosity, playfulness, and the ability to see wonder in the world.

However, adults must also handle practical matters like careers, finances, and raising their own children. So while adults gain life experiences and responsibilities, Mr. Branaugh is arguing that they do not entirely outgrow their inner “childlike” qualities as they mature.

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