Kathy Skaggs: Poets Unemployed

Posted by admin on Friday, December 9, 2022

Meaning of Kathy Skaggs Money Quote: saying Poets should be considered worth paying, when we employ their insights. Kathy Skaggs said:
Poets are never unemployed, just unpaid Quote

“Poets are never unemployed, just unpaid” — Kathy Skaggs


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This quote by Kathy Skaggs seems to be commenting on the nature of being a poet and creative writer. Some key points:

  • While poets dedicate themselves to their craft and produce works, they generally do not earn a conventional salary or wage for their art.
  • Skaggs’ quote implies that poets are constantly engaged in and contributing through their writing, even if they do not receive direct financial compensation for it.
  • Their work and role as poets is not defined by traditional employment status or payment, but rather by their ongoing creative output and expression through poetry.

Overall, the quote conveys that poets should not be considered “unemployed” just because they are not remunerated for their art in a typical job sense. Their work as poets gives purpose and occupation to their lives, even if it does not always result in material rewards. Their vocation is the writing itself above any monetary gains.

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