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Posted by admin on Sunday, January 13, 2019

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Money Quote saying that finances are not something she likes to talk about, even though she grew up with billionaire family wealth. Julia Louis-Dreyfus said:
Money and finances are so private, and I was raised not to talk about them. I didn’t grow up poverty-stricken Quote

“Money and finances are so private, and I was raised not to talk about them. The whole thing is just bizarre. And of course I didn’t grow up poverty-stricken, so it’s not like I can say, ‘Hey, leave me alone, I’m poverty-stricken'” — Julia Louis-Dreyfus


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In this quote, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus seems to be commenting on her discomfort with publicly discussing her personal finances and wealth. Some key points:

  • She notes that she was raised with the understanding that “money and finances are so private” and not something to openly talk about.
  • Louis-Dreyfus finds it “bizarre” that her financial situation now faces public scrutiny, which goes against her upbringing.
  • She acknowledges that since she did not grow up in poverty, she can’t use that experience to deflect questions about her income/net worth in the way someone who did face hardship might.
  • Louis-Dreyfus seems frustrated that her privileged background means she can’t claim the same privacy about her finances as someone who struggled economically.

Overall, the quote conveys Louis-Dreyfus finding it strange and unpleasant to have her financial life exposed when she was raised with an expectation of such matters remaining personal, even if she can’t use the defense of coming from poverty to avoid public discussions about her wealth.

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