Jules Verne: Serious as a Wager

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Jules Verne Money Quote saying saying in the character of Phileas Fogg that a bet must be taken quite seriously in ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. Jules Verne said:
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“A true Englishman doesn’t joke when he is talking about so serious a thing as a wager,” replied Phileas Fogg, solemnly. “I will bet twenty thousand pounds against any one who wishes, that I will make the tour of the world in eighty days or less.”” — Jules Verne in: Around the World in 80 Days


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In this quote, Phileas Fogg is making a serious wager with others that he can circumnavigate the globe in 80 days or less. When someone jokes about betting on something, Fogg replies that as an Englishman he does not make light of wagers, which he considers a serious matter.

By betting such a large sum of 20,000 pounds, Fogg communicates the confidence he has in his ability to complete the journey around the world within the specified time limit.

The quote conveys Fogg’s serious and methodical personality, as well as his adventurous spirit in attempting this unprecedented feat of global travel and in wagering a fortune on the outcome. It sets up the suspense and intrigue of whether Fogg can indeed travel around the world in 80 days as he has gambled.

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