Jonathan Daniel: Own Money Bribery

Posted by admin on Friday, June 27, 2014

Former press secretary to President Truman, Jonathan Daniel Money Quotation saying on 28 April 1955 as the editor of the Raleigh, North Carolina, News and Observer, suggested self deception via self-bribery. Jonathan Daniel said:
More people are bribed by their own money than anybody else's Quote

“More people are bribed by their own money than anybody else’s” — Jonathan Daniel


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In this quote, Jonathan Daniel seems to be commenting on how financial self-interest can compromise one’s principles or judgment. He suggests that more people are inclined to compromise their ethics when their own personal money is involved, rather than being bribed by someone else’s funds.

Daniel appears to be implying that individuals often rationalize questionable actions if it enriches themselves directly, even if they would condemn similar behavior if done for monetary gain by another.

The quote conveys Daniel’s perspective that people frequently exhibit a blind spot when it comes to their own financial conflicts of interest, and are more willing to set aside integrity for personal profit motives compared to avoiding corruption for someone else’s benefit.

He suggests our ethics are more flexible when our own wallet is what stands to gain rather than another’s.

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