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Posted by admin on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

John Taylor Money Quote saying gratitude is consistent even when our worth dips. John Taylor said:
And though I ebb in worth, I’ll flow in thanks Quote

“And though I ebb in worth, I’ll flow in thanks” — John Taylor


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In this quote, John Taylor seems to be expressing gratitude even in times of feeling less prosperous or accomplished. By stating that though he may “ebb in worth”, he’ll “flow in thanks”, Taylor implies that while his sense of self-worth or financial standing may fluctuate, his capacity for appreciation remains constant.

The quote conveys Taylor’s perspective that declining circumstances need not diminish one’s ability to feel thankful for life’s blessings.

Overall, he appears to be advocating maintaining an attitude of gratitude that persists independently of external conditions or internal self-assessments, so that thankfulness can buoy spirits during difficult periods as much as times of abundance or achievement.

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