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Posted by admin on Friday, September 15, 2023

Meaning of John Steinbeck Money Quote: saying when there are no costs but money, what you purchase is inexpensive. John Steinbeck said:
Anything that just costs money is cheap Quote

“Anything that just costs money is cheap” — John Steinbeck


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In this money quote, John Steinbeck is making a philosophical point about the true value and cost of things. When he says “anything that just costs money is cheap”, Steinbeck means that if the only requirement to obtain something is financial payment, then it is not truly valuable or expensive in a deeper sense.

His view appears to be that genuinely important or high-quality things in life often require non-monetary costs like time, effort, sacrifice or skill acquisition to attain.

So in essence, the quote suggests Steinbeck believes the worth of a possession or experience is defined more by what else was invested beyond mere currency to obtain it, and anything readily affordable solely with wealth may not be of great substance or meaning.

Overall, he appears to be arguing that money alone does not determine an item’s true cost or worth.

Birthday: February 27, 1902 – Death: December 20, 1968

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