John Fugelsang: Karma Wall Around Trump

Posted by admin on Thursday, July 6, 2017

John Fugelsang Money Quote saying Karma means reaping what you sow and the discontent Trump has sown will grow up around him and wall him in. John Fugelsang said
Karmas gonna build a wall around Trump and make him pay for it Quote

Karma’s gonna build a wall around Trump and make him pay for it
— John Fugelsang


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In this quote, John Fugelsang is making a sarcastic reference to Donald Trump’s promises to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it. Fugelsang suggests that the concept of karma or cosmic justice will have its own way of responding to Trump, by metaphorically building a wall around him to keep him confined or restricted, and that Trump himself will ultimately be responsible for paying the consequences of his actions and rhetoric.

The quote uses humor and irony to imply that Trump’s own policies and positions may end up negatively impacting himself in a symbolic form of poetic justice. Fugelsang appears to be predicting that Trump will face future repercussions or comeuppance for his words and deeds through some principle of moral cause and effect.

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