John Fugelsang: Blame Poor People

Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 14, 2021

John Fugelsang Money Quote saying The wealthy get air time to tell the middle-class that everything is the fault of the poor. John Fugelsang said:
Rich people pay FOX people to make middle-class people blame poor people Quote

Rich people pay FOX people to make middle-class people blame poor people” — John Fugelsang


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In this quote, John Fugelsang is criticizing how wealthy interests (“rich people”) fund propaganda outlets like Fox News (“FOX people”) to misdirect public anger and resentment.

He argues that Fox and other conservative media try to get middle-class viewers (“middle-class people”) to blame social problems on poorer populations (“poor people”) rather than the policies that actually benefit the rich.

Fugelsang’s point is that certain media aim to divide society by class and direct frustration downward at the most vulnerable, in order to protect the economic and political interests of the wealthy.

The quote suggests the media plays a role in obscuring the true sources of socioeconomic problems and inequality in society.

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