John F. Kennedy: Office Close, Pay is Good

Posted by admin on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

John F. Kennedy Money Quote saying the perks of the job of U.S. President are significant and he appreciated them. JFK said:
I have a nice home, the office is close by, and the pay is good Quote

“I have a nice home, the office is close by, and the pay is good” — John F. Kennedy


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In this quote, John F. Kennedy appears to be humorously downplaying or understating the prestige and responsibilities of being the President of the United States.

By describing some of the perks of the job in simple terms like having a “nice home” (the White House), an office that is “close by” to where he lives and works, and pay that is “good” (the presidential salary), Kennedy seems to be jokingly portraying the presidency in an almost mundane light.

The lighthearted tone suggests he aims to convey that while the job does come with certain privileges, it also entails enormous challenges and global consequences that extend far beyond basic comforts.

Overall, the quote shows JFK’s ability to poke fun at himself and add some levity to discussions about the momentous role he held as president through this tongue-in-cheek understatement.

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