John Ciardi on Gentility of Rich Ancestors

Posted by admin on Friday, August 1, 2014

John Ciardi Money Quotation saying definition of gentility is the quality remaining after the inheritance is gone. John Ciardi said:
John Ciardi Gentility is what is left over from rich ancestors after the money is gone quote

“Gentility is what is left over from rich ancestors after the money is gone” — John Ciardi


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In this quote, American poet and translator John Ciardi seems to be commenting on the concept of gentility or refinement of manners among formerly wealthy families who have since lost their riches. He suggests that even after money is no longer present, the gentility instilled by “rich ancestors” can still remain as a residual trait.

Ciardi appears to be saying that good breeding, etiquette, taste and social graces cultivated over generations of privilege can persist as an ingrained characteristic within a family, continuing on after the wealth that enabled such cultivation is gone.

The quote conveys Ciardi’s view that gentility cultivated by past affluence represents an enduring legacy that outlives the money itself once it dissipates from a family line over time.

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