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Posted by admin on Tuesday, May 11, 2021

John Ciardi Money Quote saying bodies to sacrifice are the currency of war which is freely spent. John Ciardi said:
Boys are the cash of war. Whoever said: we're not free spenders- doesn't know our like Quote

“Boys are the cash of war. Whoever said: we’re not free spenders- doesn’t know our like” — John Ciardi


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In this quote, John Ciardi is critically commenting on how young men are viewed and treated as expendable resources during wartime. His interpretation is that those in power see soldiers, represented as “boys”, as essentially currency or “cash” that can freely be spent and sacrificed in battle since their lives hold little true value beyond fighting and dying for others’ geopolitical aims.

Ciardi seems to be suggesting that the lives of young soldiers are squandered and treated as disposable commodities by war planners who do not understand or care about the human cost of their strategic decisions.

The overall message conveys Ciardi’s view that wars ultimately depend on using up “boys” from the population as cannon fodder, while decision-makers remain detached “free spenders” who view soldiers as mere cash outlays rather than human beings.

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