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Posted by admin on Monday, October 9, 2023

Meaning of Johann Von Goethe Money Quote: saying those receiving an inheritance must first earn it from their father. Johann Von Goethe said:

What you inherit from your father must first be earned before it's yours Quote

“What you inherit from your father must first be earned before it’s yours” — Johann Von Goethe


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In this quote, Johann Von Goethe seems to be saying that anything inherited from one’s father, such as wealth, property, social status or other advantages, must be legitimately earned or deserved in one’s own right before truly belonging to or being owned by the inheritor.

Goethe appears to mean that simply receiving something from a father does not make it rightfully one’s own – the inheritor must prove themselves worthy of and deserving toward what was passed down, through their own merits, efforts and qualifications.

The quote conveys the idea that inheritance does not equate to automatic possession or entitlement; what is inherited still needs to be rightfully gained through personal achievement and character before it can truly be said to belong to the heir.

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