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Meaning of Joe Mansueto Money Quote: saying Money allows the freedom to do whatever you like on your own timeline. Joe Mansueto said:
money is independence. It gives you freedom to do what you really want to do. so you can follow your passion Quote

“To me, money is independence. It gives you freedom to do what you really want to do. It allows you to not be dependent on anyone or anything, and so you can be yourself and follow your passion” — Joe Mansueto


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In this quote, Joe Mansueto seems to be conveying his view that money provides a significant form of independence and empowerment. Some key points:

  • He considers money to represent “independence” and the “freedom to do what you really want to do” in life and career.
  • Mansueto suggests financial resources allow one to avoid being “dependent on anyone or anything” for support or opportunities.
  • This independence then facilitates following one’s “passion” and just “being yourself” without constraints imposed by needing others’ approval or assistance.
  • The quote portrays Mansueto’s perspective that wealth liberates people to pursue fulfillment on their own terms rather than feeling obligated to compromise dreams for the sake of security or stability.

Overall, Mansueto appears to believe that amassing money provides autonomy, allowing individuals to answer only to themselves as they direct their efforts toward causes and endeavors that ignite their souls rather than conform to others’ preferences or limitations out of financial necessity according to this view that equates wealth with self-determination.

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