Joe Biden: Pay Taxes Billionaires

Posted by admin on Saturday, November 20, 2021

Joe Biden Money Quote saying it is important that corporations pay taxes on income, because they avoid tax now. Joe Biden said:
corporations that don’t pay a cent. I’m a capitalist. I hope you can be a millionaire or billionaire. Pay your fair share! Quote

“You have 55 corporations in the US making $40 Billion or more that don’t pay a cent. Not a single red cent. Not a single little red cent. Now, I don’t care, I’m a capitalist. I hope you can be a millionaire or billionaire. Not a problem. But at least pay your fair share! Chip in a little bit! ” — Joe Biden


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Joe Biden is talking about large, profitable corporations in the United States that pay little to no taxes each year. He says that there are 55 corporations that make $40 billion or more annually but pay “not a cent” in taxes. Biden acknowledges that he supports capitalism and does not have a problem with people becoming millionaires or billionaires through their businesses.

However, he believes these very large, profitable corporations should still pay their “fair share” in taxes and “chip in a little bit” to support public services and infrastructure that help enable their business success. Overall, the quote expresses Biden’s view that extremely profitable corporations should contribute more in taxes rather than avoiding them entirely.

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