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Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Joan Fontaine Money Quote saying she already had money, so why take a million for marriage from someone unable to offer anything more? Joan Fontaine said:
I already have $1 million? Now what will you give me?

“On two separate occasions recently men offered me $1 million if I would marry them. So I said, “Suppose I already have $1 million? Now what will you give me?” They couldn’t offer anything, not love, not a life together, not adventure – just the dough. I don’t need that. I’m very good with money” – Joan Fontaine


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In this quote, Joan Fontaine is recounting how two men recently proposed to her, but with a caveat – they would each pay her $1 million if she agreed to marry them. However, Fontaine notes that since she already has significant financial means of her own, money alone was not a compelling reason for her to enter into marriage.

By questioning the men “Suppose I already have $1 million? Now what will you give me?”, Fontaine is implying they had nothing else of substance to offer her in a marriage beyond mere money. She suggests they could not provide non-material values like love, a fulfilling partnership, shared experiences and adventures.

Fontaine then states confidently that as someone who is “very good with money”, she has no need for a loveless marriage solely for economic gain. This quote conveys Fontaine’s independence and self-assurance in not feeling financially dependent on a husband, allowing her to seek deeper qualities than wealth in a relationship. Overall, she is expressing that money was not a primary motivator for her in considering marriage proposals.

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