Jimmy Fallon: Who’s Giving Trump Money?

Posted by admin on Monday, January 30, 2017

Jimmy Fallon Funny Money Quote saying that donations to Donald Trump are pointless unless you expect something in return – and who would give unless they got something in return? Jimmy Fallon said:
Who is giving Donald Trump money? It's like giving your money to a pile of money Quote

“Who is giving Donald Trump money? It’s like giving your money to a pile of money” — Jimmy Fallon


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In this quote, comedian Jimmy Fallon seems to be jokingly criticizing those who donate money to former President Donald Trump’s campaigns and organizations. By comparing giving Trump money to giving money to “a pile of money”, Fallon suggests Trump is already extremely wealthy and does not truly need additional financial support from donors.

The best interpretation is that Fallon finds it absurd and almost comical that people contribute to someone who is already enormously rich like Trump. His comment implies there is little practical benefit to such donors, since their money will not meaningfully help or impact a billionaire. Overall, Fallon appears to be using humor and exaggeration to question the motivations behind some political donations to Trump.

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