Jimmy Carter: Peaceful World Exist Hungry

Posted by admin on Monday, November 12, 2018

Jimmy Carter Money Quote saying peace cannot last when over 65% are poor and a third is rich. Jimmy Carter said:
We know that a peaceful world cannot long exist one third rich and two thirds hungry Quote

“We know that a peaceful world cannot long exist one third rich and two thirds hungry” — Jimmy Carter


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In this quote, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter seems to be conveying that achieving true global peace and stability is not possible if vast inequalities persist between the haves and have-nots of the world. Some key points:

  • Carter notes that if one third of the world’s population controls the majority of the world’s wealth and resources, while two thirds struggle with poverty and hunger, this imbalance cannot be sustained long-term.
  • He implies such entrenched inequities will inevitably lead to conflict, unrest and instability between the privileged minority and vast underprivileged masses over time.
  • For Carter, a “peaceful world” is unattainable so long as such disproportionate divisions exist in standards of living, access to basic needs and opportunity between a small wealthy portion versus the large global poor.

Overall, the quote conveys Carter’s perspective that to achieve lasting peace, the international community must prioritize reducing severe economic disparities and expanding prosperity to more broadly encompass humanity, not just a small fraction who hold most assets and power due to income and resource inequality among nations and populations.

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